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Don't know where I'm going, but I'm going. You coming? 

1982: Conception. Time/place unknown

1983: Birth. 17th of March. Four days earlier than my planned c-section date setting up a precedent for always being early. 

Blissful years spent playing, eating and pretending it wasn't my fault.

1988: School bound. 12 years in an all-girl American Catholic School run by nuns. Have never fully recovered. 

2002: Drama School = Freedom = Therapy?  

2005: Armed with a suitcase and a pillow under my arm, took a flight UK bound. 

Dark night of the soul trying to trying to pay off my bank loan. Made the Banking Industry a very happy customer. 

2009: Started Acting in the UK

(Check my Spotlight or else this is going to take forever!)

2020: Still going. Currently based in London. 

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