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If Frank said it...


~ February 3rd and 4th, 2023: UK Premiere of  "Anthrpoda" at Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh for Manipulate Festival. Circus theatre that tells of the unravelling of a relationship, entangled in the psychological pitfalls of societal and systematic sexism.

Directed by: Sarah Bebe Holmes for Paper Doll Militia

Check our 5 star review here

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~ May 7th - 15th, 2022: UK Premiere of  "witness" at Brighton Festival. A multilingual performance premised on the examination of an ice core as the post mortem of a glacier. It's a film installation which links the human body with a body of glacial ice through dance, spoken word and scientific imagery. 

Created by: Emma Critchley

Performed atThe Attenborough Centre of Creative Arts. 


 ~ April 21st, 2022: Performing FATcrobat again after The Place's Resolution in 2020 Festival and now after a 2 week-long R&D.  The project is a work in progress about body dysmorphia in the circus arts. Watch the trailer here.


~ October 31st, 2021 and January 16th, 2022: Constanza performs as Mary Poppins in "A Spoonful of Sugar" a piece of new writing by writer/director  Fran Olivares.  A dark comedy that questions the fragile and subtle line in between imagination, delirium and reality. 


~ July 17th, 2021: Constanza performs as one of the 'therapists" in "the Therapist" for Out of Wings Festival at Omnibus Theatre.  A play about a Human Rights lawyer, accustomed to solving unwanted cases, receives an unusual proposal: to organise a yoga workshop for the leaders of the Peru’s most notorious terrorist groups.

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~ July 10th, 2021: Constanza performed as the Lead Catharine Monvoisin in La Voisin for Mountview's Catalyst Festival.  The Story focuses on the women involved in the Affair of the Poisons in 1670's France. 


~ From May 8th, 2021:  This original tale tells the story of Ola, a ten-year-old girl from Croydon who uses stories as a way to escape being in lockdown. This six-part series takes you around the world from the sunny beaches of the Caribbean to a mountain of fire in China, a 300-year battle in deepest Chile then finally the snow caped mountains of Poland before coming home to Croydon. You can find Constanza's episode here.


~ April 13th - 17th, 2021: How well do you know your neighbours? Inspired by choose-your-own-adventure books, this interactive audio show takes visitors through a labyrinth of stories: clues lead to different outdoor locations where audiences discover tales inspired by the lives of a small community. 

This project has been developed specifically to take place during the Covid-19 pandemic. For more info, check here.


~ From February 7th, 2021: You can now watch the rehearsed reading on Zoom of the new short play  A Woman Dies in Ucayali, here.. The play examines the social cost of ayahuasca tourism upon an indigenous community in Peru. 

(Content warning reference to violence, racism and sexual assault)


~ January 31st, 2021: Constanza multi-roled for the rehearsed reading of "Key Words", a private sharing of the short plays written by a group of young people with dyslexia over a number of workshops with Turtle Key Arts. 

Screenshot 2020-11-20 at 13.32.44.png

 ~ From November 24th, 2020: Constanza got commissioned my Jermyn Street Theatre to be one of their 12 Actors telling folk tales from their motherlands. Constanza chose then slightly scary  The Sackman, of Latin American origins It airs at 6pm and will remain at the theatre's youtube channel for all to enjoy. 


 September 30th, 2020: Constanza performed as part of ensemble of Timon of Athens for The Show must go Online with Ben Crystal taking the title role. You can watch it whole here.  


 ~ August 21st, 2020: Constanza has co-written, co-directed  and will be performing in this project developed  for Virtual Collaborators digital festival. A piece that prompts us to question and explore our ability or inability to take responsibility for our actions and the cost that it carries forward in our lives. 

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 ~ July until December, 2020: Will be playing none other than William Shakespeare in 🌿 BARD IN THE YARD 🌿. This one-hander piece created by Offie-nominated Victoria Baumgartner  of Will&Co. in response to the COVID-19 pandemic,  is a safe outdoor show that truly encapsulates the essence of the company: bringing you closer to Shakespeare.


 ~ Wednesday 22nd of July, 2020: Will be playing Montjoy, the French Ambassador and some ensemble roles in Henry V for The Show must Go Online.  You can watch it here

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 ~ June 26th, 2020: Performed and recorded the character of Mother in the play "Chiladian Rhapsody" by Natalia Knowlton as part of Oxford Playhouse's The Playhouse Playmaker Showcase 2020.


 ~ June 17th, 2020: Will be performing as Estela in the online rehearsed reading of "Courage, Outrage and Woman" by Ana Caro (Spanish female writer of the Golden Age). The text has been translated by Catherine Boyle (King's College London )and directed by Paula Paz (Cervantes Theatre Company).

Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 10.24.27.png

 ~ April 27th, 2020: Performed as part of Theatre 503's first Online Rapid Write Response playing "bearded lady" Erin.

Directed by Ryan McVeigh 

Written by Philip Catherwood
Performed by Constanza Ruff and James Malone

The Short can be seen online through here


 ~ March 2020: Invited to participate as a circus performer in a Research and Development project with Circus Theatre company Osbourne & What? and Guildhall's Directing MA Students at Centre de Création in Dordogne, France. We will be creating a show using the Earth's current climate situation as a starting point


~ January 16th, 2020: Performing at The Royal Academy of Arts' "Lates: BARCELONA MODERNISME NIGHT". I will be appearing as an underground art rebel. Find out more here:


 ~ November, 2019: The House of Spirits extends performances at the Cervantes Theatre, following popular demand! You can now catch me in the show until 14 December.

 ~ September, 2019: New role on stage: I have been cast in the role of Clara in The House of The Spirits at Cervantes Theatre. The play by Caridad Svich is an adaptation of Isabel Allende's award-winning novel charting the rise and fall of the Trueba family in an un-named Latin American country through four generations of women. The play is directed by Paula Paz and will be running for 5 weeks in November. 

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