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Let's be awesome, not perfect. 


Review For Anthropoda at Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh

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“undeniably great” Arthropoda from Paper Doll Militia should not be missed at this year’s MANIPULATE Festival. Awe-inpiring, challenging, and heartbreaking.

"Performers Constanza Ruff and Lee Partridge are pretty sensational"

"It’s Ruff’s emotional journey the audience shares in the end, and she embodies it with heartbreaking honesty."

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Reviews for The House of Spirits at Cervantes Theatre

"It’s perhaps unfair to pick out names when the collective impact is so great, but I especially enjoyed Constanza Ruff, as Clara, ageing from a carefree seven year old (with a magnificent puppet dog for company), to a resigned, but still magical, grandmother" ~ View from The Cheap Seat

"It's wrong to single anyone out but Constanta Ruff as Clara is pivotal to the success of the show" ~ London Box Office

"The leads – Constanza Ruff as Clara, Raul Fernandes as Esteban, and Pia Laborde-Noguez as Alba – deliver complex performances with energy and passion" ~ Terri Paddock for Theatre Mates

Review for FATcrobat at Resolutions20 at The Place


."...Aerial artist, Constanza Ruff demonstrated smooth skills on the aerial silks..." ~ Graham Watts for The Place 

Review for Hamlyn at The Space​

"The casting has been carefully and cleverly doubled in places so that Montero’s wife (with whom he is going through a ‘bad patch’) and the young boy at the centre of the case are both played stoically and convincingly by the same actor, Constanza Ruff" ~  Everything Theatre 

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